Alia 10186.2

Xsensible shoes

Comfort and fashion go hand in hand with this athletic lace-up low shoe. This trainer stands out by its clean and no-frills look, while the flexible sole with its small wedge and rounded tips ensures optimum foot roll. Exceptionally smooth leather and the tried-and-tested stretch leather at the front of the shoe fit like a second skin. The side zipper makes it easy to slip in and out of the shoe.

Don’t see the size you are looking for ? Get in contact and we will do our best to get it for you.

Don’t see the size you are looking for ? Get in contact and we will do our best to get it for you.


X-Sensible Alia | Stretch shoe

Size chart

What is my size?
The best way of finding the correct size shoes for your feet is to ask your local retailer. They can professionally measure both your feet and the inside of the shoes. We recommend paying attention to both the width and length of the foot and shoe.

Shoes in our collection come in the following widths:

Width G: normal/average foot

Width H: slightly wider foot

Width K: Wide foot

Most of the shoes in our collection are made with our Xsensible Inside® Stretch Leather, which is indicated by the inclusion of the letter X after the width size, for example, the width GX. This patented technology ensures that our shoes adjust to your foot as the day goes on, and means that our shoes can accommodate a wider foot size. In some cases, this means that an H-size foot may fit into a G-sized shoe. Of course, this varies from model to model, and we always recommend that trying on the shoe is the best course of action.
Some models are supplied according to European (EU) sizes, and some according to British (UK) sizes. The table below indicates foot lengths and their corresponding shoe sizes.

Removable footbed

EU       UK Women    UK Men Foot Length mm
36             3,5                                               240
36,5          4                                                  243
37             4,5                                               247
37,5                                                              250
38             5                                                  253
38,5          5,5                                               257
39             6                    5,5                         260
39,5                                6                            263
40             6,5                                               267
40,5          7                    7                            270
41            7,5                                                273
41,5                                                              277
42            8                    8                             280
42,5         8,5                 8,5                          283
43           9                     9                             287
43,5        9,5                                                 290
44          10                   9,5                           293
44,5       10,5               10                             297
45                                10,5                          300
45,5                                                              303
46                                11                             307
46,5                             11,5                          310
47                                12                             313
47,5                             12,5                          317

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