On-line foot analysis

We have been perfecting our technique for over a decade and have designed the perfect online solution for your foot problems.

Currently we are extremely busy working through our customers foot analysis and are unable to take your details right now.

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    Insoles made for you

    We are delighted to offer you Stride customised insoles.
    Stride custom insoles are the perfect way to improve your foot health and quality of life. With a unique design that evenly distributes pressure throughout your feet, Stride custom insoles provide superior comfort and support. By relieving foot pain, knee pain, hip and back pain, Stride custom insoles help you stay active and pain free
    Feet vary in size and shape, so standard off-the-shelf insoles are just not enough for most people.
    That’s why we’ve developed our new bespoke service, which offers a made-to-measure insole that is inserted into your existing shoes.

    Why Customised Insoles?

    The human foot is not designed to walk in a flat shoe on a flat surface. We have evolved to walk on uneven surfaces in our bare feet but because of the modern way of life we often walk on flat hard surfaces mostly in flat shoes. This can make our muscles lazy and inactive, leading to imbalances in our feet which can, in turn, lead to pain and discomfort. 


    The right insole will help distribute your weight more evenly through your feet, taking stress off your ankles, knees, hips, and back.